Just want to let you know that Mandy is doing great. She's adapted to our home well. My good dog, Chase, didn't bark or growl at her at all and they act very nice towards each other. Even my big cat doesn't mind her. We gave her a haircut and she looks (and smells) like a new dog. She loves it too. She needs a little bit of training and to brush up on her manners, but we're taking it slow. Thanks for letting us adopt Mandy!


Groundbreaking for the "NEW Facility"




Putting On The Dog II






Junior Girl Scouts from the Danbury Magnet School's Troop 694 made bandanas and pillows to raise money for the new pound.

Shoppers at the Valentine Boutique.

Riley requested that for her 8th birthday, people give donations and gifts to the Newtown Pound Dogs.

When the big Rottweiler with the unusual white spots found himself at the Newtown Dog Pound, animal control officer Gerri Breyan appropriately named him Clorox. Today, his name is still Clorox but now he lives in Danbury with Tom McNulty and his wife who feel very fortunate to have him as part of their family.
Clorox adapted almost immediately to his new household. He also adapted to the neighborhood, where he is very recognizable by his size (over 100 pounds) and distinctive markings.
“People seem to know him wherever I go,” said Tom.
Tom and Clorox can frequently be seen walking around the neighborhood block, in the cemetery, or at Terrywile Park. Clorox especially loves the cemetery (as pictured above) where he can bark at the geese and meet an occasional dog. Toms says that many of the junior high school students know Clorox and greet him with a friendly word.
Clorox’s new family delights in his antics, including his ability to communicate through barks, whines, growls, body language, and especially facial expressions. Tom says that when displeased, Clorox can “put on a face suggesting that he has been stabbed in the heart!”
In addition to this acting ability, Clorox has done his part to advocate for large breed dogs. When Tom’s wife was recuperating from knee surgery at Bethel Healthcare, Clorox visited several times and was the perfect gentleman. According to Tom, a number of patients as well as a reluctant nurse were all charmed and impressed with Clorox’s beauty, strength and calmness.
Happily, Clorox has found his niche in this loving home where he has blossomed and is very much appreciated. Tom has graciously thanked the members of Canine Advocates of Newtown for spending time with Clorox when he was at the pound. It was a long wait for Clorox but he has found the perfect home.
A tail-wagging ending.

Animal Blessings

Labor Day Parade 2010

Hey guys!
Remember me? It's Sasha!

I have been up here in Vermont with my buddy Garth for the last year and I have had so much fun! We moved back in August of last
year to Burlington, Vermont for a few months. Every
day I got to play at the local dog park which is at
the southern end of the bike path right on Lake

I have gone on a bunch of hiking trips up
several mountains including Mt. Mansfield and
Killington which are the two biggest mountains in
Vermont. I had to move to Brownsville, Vermont in
October of last year because Garth moved to a place
that wasn't too pet friendly. He moved back home with
me in Brownsville shortly after and commutes to
Burlington every day and still takes me running with
him three or four days a week. When he is at work I
get to play with my sister, Brady, who is the same age
as I am and she is a chocolate lab. We get into all
sorts of trouble! I have tons of space to play and I
am very well taken care of here.I am soooo spoiled!
Winter jackets, backpacks for hiking and camping, lots
of toys and tons of exercise, discipline, and

In August, Garth will be attending Norwich University
to get his degree and to become a commissioned officer
in the Air Force. During this first year, he has to
remain on campus with exceptions of school breaks like
Thanksgiving and Christmas ect.. So I won't get to see
him all that much. It is a private military college
and the first year (rook year) starts the process of
climbing up the chain of command..which he will be at
the bottom. I do plan to make a few trips up there to
visit and watch some football games and stuff like
that! Hopefully his second year we'll get a place near
to campus so I can stay with him...but it's all
essential for a great future.
Thank you all for taking me in when I had no where to
go. And a very big thank you to Sue for taking me out
of a sub-par living situation and bringing me to a
humane society full of great people! If it wasn't for
all of you and your big hearts, who knows where I
would be. I hope you enjoy the pictures of me. I will
try to do a better job at keeping in touch. Sue has
Garth's contact numbers in case you have any questions.
Best regards,