Our Mission
To be a voice for the animals of Newtown and to further the quality of life, safety and health of the dogs and cats at the Newtown Pound; to assist in the adoption process through advertising, screening and education; to provide walks, socialization and human interaction for the dogs; to promote rescue referrals; and to provide spay/neutering, rabies and distemper shots for all animals at the pound before adoption.

Who We Are
CAN started in 1999 as a small group of citizens who became aware of the plight of many abandoned dogs in our town. Through the help of the Newtown Bee and local merchants, we began a campaign to advertise and make known the availability of the dogs. We are now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Canine Advocates of Newtown, Inc. CAN is a completely volunteer organization, with no salaried employees, so you can rest assured that every dollar you donate goes to help the dogs and cats.


Volunteers make it happen
It is very unfortunate for any dog to have ended up at a pound. But at the Newtown Pound a team of dedicated volunteers works with Animal Control Officer Carolee Mason to ensure that each dog’s story has a happy ending. Canine Advocates of Newtown is a nonprofit organization whose members take an interest in these dogs and provide many support activities. These include a daily walk for each dog. As the dogs become familiar with the volunteers, they become less uneasy about being impounded. And, of course, a happier dog is easier to place in a good home.

The pictures also go into The Newtown Bee, on the canineadvocates.org website, the petfinders.com website and The Newtown Bee website.

Canine Advocates pays to have each dog receive its shots and to be neutered or spayed. To raise funds for this benefit the group hosts an annual wine tasting and silent auction at Taunton Press each fall. The Roman family generously donates this venue. Many local restaurants and businesses donate food and auction items.

Dr. Brian Silverleib and his staff at Mt. Pleasant Animal Hospital offer special care and discounts in their treatment of the Pound dogs.

CAN member Luise Lenk, a graphic designer, does all the artwork and Web design free of charge. Members feel that their volunteer time is very well spent when a dog from the Pound finds a good home and a better life.

If you adopt a dog from the pound please feel free to contact us, so we can provide support and also follow up on all the happy endings.

Pictures of the dogs are published in the Newtown Bee.
We place our photographs and descriptions of the dogs on web pages on the internet.

Our Special Thanks to Brian Silverlieb V.M.D.,
Mount Pleasant Hospital for Animals,
for all the help and support he has provided for
our Pound Dogs. (203.426.8585)

To become a Member or a Volunteer a yearly minimum donation of $20 is required.
Membership fees help defray high cost of insurance.

Donation Categories

Best in Show ......................$500
Top Dog ...............................$300
Winners Circle ....................$200
Champion ............................$100
Pound's Littlest Angels.....Any amount